About the Book

After documenting the Parisian and Roman adventures of their two lab-crosses in Betty & Rita Go to Paris and and Betty & Rita, La Dolce Vita, Michael Malyszko and Judith Hughes have focused on their hometown in their latest collaboration, Tammy Does Boston. In forty four-color photographs accompanied by often humorous, always unexpected couplets, Tammy - a border-collie cross—covers the highlights of one of America's favorite tourist destinations, while leaving time for plenty of local color.

About Tammy

Rescued as a puppy in West Virginia,Tammy arrived at a shelter in Salem, Massachusetts where Michael and Judith met her two days before Thanksgiving, 2000. With Betty only recently departed, Tammy had some pretty big paws to fill and fill them she did. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, she has a way of engaging total strangers with a cock of the head or a wave of that flag of a tail. But being mostly border collie, Tammy definitely needed a job, and if you saw her at work on this book, you would know the joy of concentration.

About the Authors

Partners since college (University of Pennsylvania), Michael Malyszko, the photographer, and Judith Hughes, the author, run a successful commercial photography studio (Malyszko Photography). When not creating books or satisfying the needs of commercial clients, they enjoy traveling the world, staying fit (running, surfing, boogie boarding and yoga) and entertaining friends and family at their loft in Boston or their cottage in Gloucester. Tammy Does Boston is their third book.