About Tammy

Tammy View from Eastie, "Tammy Does Boston"

Tammy was adopted by the authors less than two months after the peaceful passing of their older lab-cross, Betty. Rita (their other lab-cross to whom the book is dedicated) lived to enjoy Tammy’s companionship for seven years. Although they got off to a slow start as friends – Rita was in mourning over the loss of her best friend and Tammy was, well, annoyingly friendly, you never would have known it after a few months. Rita taught Tammy the joys of the couch and the bed, the importance of never missing a meal (or an opportunity for one) and the pleasures of the beach and the ocean.

While Judith and Michael have had only mixed-breed dogs for two decades now, Tammy represents their first real rescue dog. Born in West Virginia, Tammy traveled by van with 22 other puppies (picture that, if you dare!) to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem in November 2000. She’s mostly black with hair that turned long and silky (after a “bad hair day” start of thick, cottony fur) and bright eyes. Like all good rescue dogs, her origins are sketchy, but most who meet her agree that she is mostly border collie. She communicates by bumping your leg with her nose, and though she’ll practically sleep on your feet inside, when she hits an open space, she heads straight for the edges…at full speed.

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