About the Authors

Michael Malyszko and Judith Hughes met as juniors at the University of Pennsylania more years ago than their picture might let on. They moved to Boston after four years in Philadelphia and a year apart, during which Michael took a cross-country motorcycle/photography adventure and Judith tucked the first year of graduate school under her belt. Business partners at Malyszko Photography since the early eighties, they have an adult daughter, Maeve, who also lives in Boston.

Avid travelers, they have been to every continent but Antarctica—always with a great deal of photographic equipment in tow—and sometimes with dogs. During a sabbatical year in Paris in the mid 1990s, they produced their first book, Betty & Rita Go To Paris, which did well enough to encourage their publisher at the time, Chronicle Books, to contract with them for the Roman sequel, Betty & Rita La Dolce Vita. Both books have been translated into Japanese, German, and Mandarin.

Air travel with dogs is always nerve-wracking and probably more so now due to heightened security, but Tammy is a wonderful car traveler, and Michael and Judith are making plans to see a few more of the great American cities with her as a guide. Stay tuned.

Michael Malyszko & Judith Hughes

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